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Nina Nasilli

In the concept of “double” there is the sense of Nina’s work: starting from her form of expression, which is a double sign in itself.

A sign is, in fact, her writing in verses, which she has been devoting herself to since she was in her youth, attracting the attention of the cultural world very quickly; and a sign is the graphic/pictorial one of her figurative and iconic art, that she has been dedicated with a free and independent spirit since 1992, immediately after obtaining a degree with honorable mention in Classical Studies from the University of Padua.

In 1996 Nina met one of the most influential and prominent writers of the 1900s, Ottiero Ottieri, and from then until he passed away in 2002, Nasilli and Ottieri’s relationship connected the pair deeply, on both a human and intellectual level, so much that upon Ottieri’s death, and after years of silence, plunged once again herself in the world of poetry and art:

Nasilli’s books of poems have been and continue to be published, receiving literary recognition and awards both on national and international levels.

Her artwork has been collected into prestigious personal exhibitions and has been a pivotal component of international collective art exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Nina lives and works in Padua.