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Pdf Catalogo So che sei bella, anima mia!.PDF

2008 Casa dell’Ariosto, Ferrara


"The way to understand pictures and symbols etc. is not to try and interpret them, but to keep on looking until you see the light". Moreover: "Generally speaking, it is a way of exercising your intelligence through looking". Such are the words of Simone Weil as taken from the book  Gravity and Grace. Having read it only recently, it seemed like a  good idea to approach Nina Nasilli's paintings and drawings. The light Weil is talking about is the light that brings sense and meaning to things, but what we know about the writer, and her own words, make us aware that the unveiling produced by looking will be highly spiritual."

Sonia Cavicchioli


(I know that you are beautiful, soul of mine!)
(…) we feel that we shared an experience, and were allowed to enter the gates of someone else’s soul who, with reverence and excitement, invited us from the threshold to enter, not only, into the place where revelation of the sacred is possible, and which I believe she would like to leave to others, but also and especially all of its authentic manifestation.

Angelo Andreotti